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David Miya ’06


David Miya ‘06

davidmiya150David Miya ’06 (Classical High School) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2010 with a B.S. in General Management. “I chose this major because I have always been interested in running my own business,” David says. ”I’ve always wanted to be my own boss and work on my own terms. I chose my degree because it was flexible enough to give me management and leadership skills that I could apply to any career field, from medical to hospitality.”

David is making important use of his skills these days, serving as a Middle School Advisor for The College Crusade. Prior to joining our Advisory staff, he worked in retail and in the hospitality industry, and he even had a brief stint with the U.S. Census Bureau. “I believe all of the work experience I have gained through my past experiences led me to the position I hold today with the Crusade,” he says. “I love the work that I am doing now because it gives me a chance to make a positive influence on the lives of our younger generation. Because I was a Crusader myself, I have witnessed and experienced the importance of the program. I love teaching Crusaders important, fun lessons. Being able to build a relationship with these kids and watch them grow is definitely a rewarding experience for me.”

David truly enjoyed his experiences as a Crusader. “In elementary school I would stay after and receive extra help on my homework, which benefited me greatly,” he remembers. “During middle school I attended the CAAP program when it was held at John Hope Settlement House. The program helped me gain social skills that I never had before by introducing me to other Crusaders throughout the city. Even the lessons and activities we were doing helped me to open up my shell. I went from being a shy middle school student to being an outspoken student who always asked questions in class. I also received a lot of support while in high school,” he says. “My high school advisor Monique Conway was very supportive of my personal life and educational life. The SAT prep course helped me to prepare for the big exam, and the college visits helped me gain insight into the college life. I was able to receive college application waivers while applying to different schools.”

Receiving a College Crusade scholarship also helped. “It took a lot of burden off of me while I was in college,” David says. “I was able to use the money to pay for my tuition and textbooks for my classes.”

For David, the best thing about college was the opportunity to meet so many different people. “I met people from all over the world, from China to Brazil,” he says. “I learned about different cultures and even built long-lasting friendships. Going to college definitely opened me to a bigger world and made me realize that the world has more to offer than just Rhode Island.”

David’s advice for high school Crusaders transitioning to college? “Learn how to manage your time, if you already haven’t,” he says, “and manage it well! Good time management is key, especially when you have tons of papers and exams to study for. Carry a planner around or get used to using your calendar on your phone. Also, be open to new things! Try out a new sport or join different clubs on campus. College can be fun, but it’s up to you to seek out those enjoyable experiences.”

In his free time, David likes to exercise and go to the gym. He especially likes to go on bike rides on the East Providence Bike Trail. “I also enjoy going out to eat and trying out different restaurants,” he adds. “I love food and I love to eat!”

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