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Armani Raii Harris ’06


Armani Raii Harris ‘06

armani-raii-harrisArmani Raii Harris ‘06 (Classical High School) graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2010 with a B.S. in Management. “Management is a career I fell into because I realized in high school that it was something I was good at and enjoyed,” Raii says. He is now pursuing an MBA in Global Business and Organizational Leadership, also at JWU. “What I liked most about college was meeting new people and networking with others from other parts of the world,” he says. “I also appreciated the hands-on experience that JWU provided me and continues to offer me as a graduate student.”


Raii is currently employed as a Store Manager for ALDI Foods in Medford Mass. “I control all the functions at the store level, from the monthly budget to scheduling and training,” he says. “Being the person people rely on is the best part of the job. I like to motivate my employees to exceed expectations.”


Thinking back to his early days in the Crusade, Raii remembers he wasn’t always so relaxed in social situations. “As a child I was very shy,” he says. “But as a Crusader I met others my age, and it allowed me to open up and become more comfortable in my own skin. A lot of Crusade advisors and leaders played an important role in motivating me. I remember Laurel, Lauren, Maria, Marissa, Reuben, and many others. Laurel Shepard specifically was one of the people I recall from the very beginning. I saw her almost everywhere I turned! When I was in third grade she was very active in my elementary school.”


Eventually, Raii got to know Laurel even better. During his senior year at JWU, he took on an internship role with The College Crusade, working with Laurel and with Karen in the Crusade communications department on special projects. One of those projects involved helping to organize the Crusade’s first alumni association. Raii has also volunteered in The College Crusade’s ReadAbout and Saturday Cru Club programs. “Today I still feel a part of The College Crusade,” he says. “I believe all Crusaders are unique and hold a specific light that can never be taken away from us.”


Raii’s advice for current and future Crusaders echoes this same idea: “I would like to let them know that they set the goals for themselves. And any goal they set for themselves can be a motivation to know the goal is reachable. Never feel like you are alone. There are always resources and people to assist you. The Crusade has never let me down.”


In his free time, Raii likes to dance and write, as well as shop. But, he adds, “The future of kids today is a huge focus of mine. Making a difference in the lives of others is what makes a difference in mine.”

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