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Joel Russell ‘05

joelrussellJoel Russell ’05 (Hope High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2009 with a B.A. in Communications and a minor in Business. “I chose my major because I have a passion for the entertainment industry,” he says. “My goal is to get involved with PR and marketing primarily for the music industry, but I would also love to get involved in journalism as well.” Presently Joel is employed at Bank of America in Customer Service and Sales and is saving for grad school. He enjoys his job. “The position can be challenging, but it is a great learning experience, and it allows me to utilize the skills I learned while in school,” he says.


For Joel, college was all about growth. “The best thing about the college experience is the people you meet plus the connections and friends you make,” Joel says. “It’s a place where you grow both intellectually and personally. All the experiences you encounter, both bad and good, really have an impact on the person you become while in college.” Joel appreciated the scholarship help he received. “The College Crusade Scholarship was huge for me,” he says. “I can honestly say without the support of The College Crusade I would not have been able to complete college.”


And it’s not just the financial support that made a difference, he emphasizes. The mentoring and support he received from the Crusade was equally important. “The difference The College Crusade made in my life is invaluable,” he says. “The experience for me was an important one that helped me not only finish college but provided me with the support and knowledge I needed to complete high school and get accepted to college. All of the programs provided by The College Crusade were beneficial. Two that stick out for me were the afterschool study and homework sessions and all the valuable college tours. My high school advisor Kalomo was a big part of my experience as well. He was really supportive and down to earth, and you can tell he really cares about his students. I felt like I could relate to him, which made it easy to come to him whenever I needed help. Even to this day, when I get the chance to see Kalomo he is always interested in what’s going on in my life and will still try to help me. I guess he will always be my advisor!


In his free time, Joel loves to have fun with his friends and attend concerts to see all his favorite artists perform live. He also enjoys playing tennis and devotes part of his time to volunteer work. He offers this piece of advice to Crusaders just starting out in college: “Stay on top of your work but also relax and enjoy yourself. Make as many friends as possible. College is a great learning experience and a great time to learn about yourself and grow as a person. Enjoy every possible minute because the four years you will be there will fly by!” 

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