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Derrin Almada ’05


Derrin Almada ’05

derrinalmada3Derrin Almada ’05 (East Providence High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in Business Administration in 2009. He is currently attending Suffolk University Law School.

“As far as my experience as a Crusader, I would have to say that the program most influenced me by encouraging me to pursue my law degree,” says Derrin. “When I was in college, I remembered seeing all of the financial scholarships that the program was awarding me and I felt very honored and humbled that the organization had the confidence in me to pursue my dreams of higher education. This confidence that was provided by the financial backing of the program made me want to achieve more because I felt that the best way for me to pay back all that the Crusade has given me was to become a role model for success for fellow Crusaders.”

Derrin encourages Crusaders entering college in the fall to prepare themselves for their future. “Do the necessary research into the program you wish to study and the value of the degree you want to pursue,” he says. “If you intend to enter higher education, you should start by researching and educating yourself on the type of financial commitment you are about to undertake. A college degree is merely a door to opportunity, not a guarantee to success. It takes the personal drive of the individual to work for the type of success that a degree can afford them.” He adds, “The best thing about my college experience was the intellectual debates that arose from intelligent minds in many of my classes in economics and business.”

When Derrin is not consumed by the workload of law school, he enjoys working out at the gym and playing sports.

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