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Alex Tirrell ’04


Alex Tirrell ‘04

alex-tirrellAlex Tirrell ’04 (East Providence High School, East Providence Career & Tech Center) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2011 with a B.A. in Music, double majoring in Voice and Piano. Alex started off at RIC with the intention of pursuing a B.S. in Music Education, but he decided that teaching K-12 wasn’t really what he wanted to do. Instead, he went after his true passion and has found a niche working as a music director for various theatre companies in southern New England. “My job consists of teaching vocals to the actors, coaching them on technique and good vocal health, as well as playing piano and conducting the orchestra for the shows,” he says. “It’s a fun job but also tons of hard work. It’s thrilling and a privilege to work with so many talented people of all ages, and extremely rewarding to see the young talent that I work with excel.”


Alex’s latest project is directing the music for the Rhode Island premiere of Grey Gardens at Salve Regina University. In the past year, he has served as music director for the New Bedford Festival Theatre and Brown University/Trinity Rep Consortium, as well as for area high schools and community theatre groups. He also works part time as an Easy Tech Associate for Staples.


“I had some amazing professors in college that really shaped the standards and work ethic that I have today,” Alex says. “I learned so much from them and was taught the valuable lesson that there is always room for improvement in all aspects of life. College was also extremely useful as far as networking, and it was great overall just meeting people and making friends. Much of my work as a musician comes from referral, so networking is huge for me.”


Alex appreciated receiving a College Crusade scholarship to support his education. “The Crusade scholarship made a great difference for me, especially because as a music major, my lessons were charged as additional fees and were not part of regular tuition,” he says. “Because the Crusade scholarship helped to cover tuition and lessons, it was much easier for me to purchase books and sheet music for my classes, which are a very expensive part of college that many students may not initially factor in.”


Having multiple jobs and working from show to show doesn’t leave Alex with very much free time, but he manages to fit more music into whatever time is left. “There is some blur between my interests and work, because I absolutely love to sing and play music,” he says. “At least once a week I will be out with friends singing karaoke. I am also keyboardist and a vocalist for the alternative pop/rock band Shryne. And as time permits, I sometimes donate my services as a vocal coach and accompanist.”


His best advice for Crusaders starting college in the fall? “Get involved in clubs and activities on campus,” he recommends. “It’s exciting and rewarding to be part of a community. You can learn a lot in the process, and make a difference at the same time.”


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