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Lesly Porras ’04


Lesly Porras ’04

leslie porras v2Lesly Porras ’04 (Mount Pleasant High School) graduated from Providence College in 2008 with a B.A. in Elementary/Special Education and a minor in Spanish. “I chose Providence College because I was given the opportunity to be a Martin Luther King scholar, which covered my tuition for four years,” she says. “Providence College has a beautiful campus, and I knew their elementary school program would prepare me to an educator after graduation. I also choose Providence College because it was close to home and my family.”

Receiving the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship from Providence College also gave Lesly the chance to travel to Costa Rica for volunteer work. “The trip gave me the opportunity to make new friends and learn from their culture,” she says. “We were able to travel across the country, learning about education, living, health, and tourism. We were able to bond with and help the community by building a bus stop and providing inhalers to a clinic in need.”

Lesly is currently employed by Meeting Street as an educator for Early Intervention. “I work with children and families in their homes,” she says. “As an educator, I work with children under the age of three with a delay or a disability or with families who need support. I enjoy helping and supporting families as they teach their child how to learn. The best thing about my job is celebrating every small progress each child may have during the day, week, or month! I enjoy meeting new families and supporting them throughout their child’s educational journey.”

Lesly very much appreciates her experience as a Crusader. “The College Crusade is a great program that supports and inspires students to go to college,” she says. “It teaches leadership skills and time management skills that are very useful in college or in your career. Offering college tours was imperative to motivate me to go to college and see that anything is possible. Having an Advisor also made a difference, since I was able to go to them when I had a question or needed support. And the College Crusade scholarship was a big help in paying off my books each semester.”

For Crusaders starting college in the fall, Lesly has this advice: “Remember that everything is possible with hard work. If you set up short-term and long-term goals throughout college, it makes it more satisfactory when you are able to accomplish them all at the end. It is also important to remember that you are as good as everyone else regardless of your socioeconomic statues, gender, race, or physical looks!”

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