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Kehinde Gomes ’04


Kehinde Gomes ’04

kehinde gomes2.jpgKehinde Gomes ’04 (The Met) earned an associate’s degree from Dean College in 2006 and a B.A. in Sociology from Rhode Island College in 2008. After graduating from RIC, Kehinde was employed by The Key Program.  She recently moved to Atlanta and plans to return to school next year to pursue a master’s degree in social work.

Kehinde appreciates her experience as a Crusader, including the time she spent serving as a member of the high school Crusade Advisory Board (CAB). “I think the Crusade is an amazing program that helped me obtain my degree by providing academic support throughout middle school and high school and providing financial support in college,” she says. “The main person who helped me was my Advisor, Jessica Tempest. She was a great support system. The CAB program also helped me build my leadership skills.”

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