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Bamidele Faboyede ’04


Bamidele Faboyede ‘04

bam-faboyedeBamidele Faboyede ’04 (Classical High School) graduated from Northeastern University in 2009 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering and a Minor in Business Administration. He currently works as a Project Application Engineer at Invensys Operations Management in Foxboro, Mass., on a team implementing the digital control system for a power plant in China. “I like the challenge of the unfamiliarity of the nuclear field,” Bam says. “We are well trained with the skill to configure the software, so the only additional knowledge necessary to complete the job is basic digital logic. But along the way, we pick up on some interesting bits of nuclear engineering and control system knowledge.”


For Bam, college gave him the opportunity to tackle subjects that he feels passionate about and to learn about them in depth. “I always knew that I was interested in technology, computers, software, and programming but was never taught any of it in high school,” he says. “College opened a new world for me, where I learned a lot about things I thought I knew everything about. Receiving that formal education in computers and technology was the best thing about college.”


He also appreciated receiving a College Crusade scholarship. “The difference the College Crusade scholarship made was incredible,” he says. “Because I didn’t have the funds the first year, I was days away from withdrawing after the very first semester. When I discovered that I would be receiving this scholarship every year, I was able to pay my remaining balance and I didn’t have to take time off. It literally kept me in school.”


When Bam thinks back on his days as a Crusader, he remembers spending time afterschool getting help with homework and having fun with other students. “There was always someone, somewhere, telling you that college was important,” he says. “The choice of not going to college never crossed my mind.” He has great advice for Crusaders starting college in the fall. “Take the first year seriously and work your hardest, even if the work seems easy. And pick a major you actually enjoy doing – don’t necessarily chase the one with the most money. You’re paying for your education, so study something you would not mind doing for the rest of your life.”


Bam was a hammer thrower for Northeastern’s track team, where he racked up two conference championships and was ranked ninth overall in his sport. In his free time, he continues to throw with the Greater Boston Track Club and plays flag football on the weekends. He also does freelance web development and currently serves as the lead web developer for RiHype.com.

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