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Melissa Amaral ’04


Melissa Amaral ’04

melissaamaralalt4Melissa Amaral ’04 (East Providence High School) graduated from Brown University with a double major in Anthropology and Archaeology in 2008. She currently is employed as a College Advisor for the Phipps Community Education Center in the Bronx. Previously, Melissa worked as a substitute teacher at a Manhattan private school and as a College Guide through AmeriCorps at Tolman High School in Pawtucket. In the fall, she will begin a master’s program in College Student Affairs at Rutgers University.

“I have always been very self-motivated and I always knew I was going to college,” says Melissa. “However, the Crusade program helped me access opportunities that I otherwise would not have had. I was able to take an SAT course and go on college tours with the Crusade. They helped make applying to college more affordable with fee waivers. The Crusade also told me about the Experiment in International Living and helped pay for part of my four week trip to England to study theater.”

With the true spirit of a college advisor, Melissa offers four pieces of advice to Crusaders who are starting college next year:

1. Don’t spend all your money on books. Buy used whenever possible. Borrow books from the library, especially if it’s for a class outside your major.

2. Live on campus if it is affordable.

3. Leave the video games at home. College is a time for learning, both in class and from your friends. Spending too much time in front of the TV or computer is going to take away from your college experience.

4. Sit in the front row. Even if you don’t participate in class much, the professor will notice you, and it helps to be known when you need an extension or later when you need recommendations.

“During college I met amazing people, participated in an excavation in Portugal, and was able to study ancient Mayan epigraphy from one of the leading experts in the field, which was a dream of mine since elementary school,” Melissa says. Since moving to New York City, she enjoys exploring all the cultural wonders the city has to offer. She also enjoys painting and drawing.

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