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Kazeem Adediran ’04


Kazeem Adediran ’04

kazeem-adediran-new150Kazeem Adediran ’04 (Hope High School) graduated from Rhode Island College in 2009 with a B.A. in Broadcasting & Communication and a minor in Marketing. “Growing up, I always loved to be in the spotlight, and I love sports,” he says. “So becoming a sportscaster and doing two things I loved – to talk, and to talk about sports – was my idea of a dream job.”

Today Kazeem puts his passion for communication into practice as a High School Advisor for The College Crusade, advising Crusaders at Jorge Alvarez High School in Providence about the steps they need to take to be ready for college. Serving as an Advisor is a special experience for him. “I was a Crusader, and now I work for Crusaders,” he says. “The students relate to me because I was once in their shoes. Getting to know each and every Crusader in my school, not only academically but on a personal level, is very rewarding.”

Kazeem credits his own Crusade Advisor when he was in high school, Kalomo Vanterpool, as an important role model. “Kalomo is one of the most, thoughtful, charismatic, stylish, and real people you’ll ever meet,” he says. “His passion for his job as an Advisor can’t be matched. His advice, motivation, and knowledge were the main reasons I went to college. In fact, he is still a role model and remains impactful in my life to this day. I’m privileged to call him a good friend.” Today Kazeem and Kalomo are colleagues in our High School Advisory, working together to motivate high school Crusaders to be their best. For Kazeem, it’s about giving back. “I’m trying to return the favor Kalomo did for me,” he says.

Kazeem is also grateful for the College Crusade scholarship he received in college, especially when he learned he was going to be a father. “At that time I had a job but definitely not enough money to pay for school and support a family,” he says. “With financial aid, grants, rewards for academics, and the Crusade scholarship, I made it through. For me, the scholarship was a life-changing difference.”

Kazeem finds many ways to work on behalf of his community. “I’m actively a member of an organization called Power Circle,” he says. “The group message is to spread positivity throughout the state with events that promote positive living.” The group has held events such as a Toys for Tots basketball tournament, an Earth Day cleanup and garden planting for a local rec center, and a Lend a Hand campaign to help serve food at a nursing home. “The rewards of doing community service – fundraising, volunteering, and helping others – are so gratifying,” he adds.

For Crusaders starting college this fall, Kazeem has this piece of advice: “Have fun and enjoy the experience,” he says. “The memories you make during college are once in a lifetime. Sign up for clubs on campus, join fraternities or sororities, go to all the social and sporting events. For me, the best thing about college was getting out of my comfort zone and spending great times with people I would not normally meet. Making lifelong connections and friendships with genuinely good people was an experience I’ll always remember.”

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