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Nathaniel Kwapo ’02


Nathaniel Kwapo ’02

nathaniel-kwapoNathaniel Kwapo ’02 (Classical High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2006 with a B.A. in Communications Studies. “I have a strong passion for art and am fascinated with media, advertising, and promotions,” he says, “so I chose to specialize in graphic design, photography, web design, and video recording and editing.” These days, Nathaniel puts all his communications skills to work as the proprietor of his own advertising company and online entertainment guide, called Rhode Island Hype, LLC, www.rihype.com.


When he thinks back on his college experience, Nathaniel is grateful for the scholarship support he received from The College Crusade. “Financing college is difficult,” he says. “College Crusade scholarships helped me stay in school and be able to afford books.” Mentors also helped. He advises Crusaders who are starting college in the fall to reach out to people who care about them. “There were so many times where I could have slipped through the cracks,” he remembers. “I thank all of my advisors who helped me stay on the right track and encouraged me to complete college and earn my bachelor’s degree. It wasn’t just encouragement. I also had people to turn to when I didn’t know how to handle a situation. I really appreciate Domingo Morel, Martha Waitkun, and Gerald Williams, to name a few. And special thanks to Mom and Dad, who always encouraged me to further my education. I can’t thank them enough.”


Nathaniel has honored his mentors by becoming one himself. As a volunteer mentor at The MET school in Providence, he shares his communications and entrepreneurial skills with local students. “I coordinate a youth program where students shadow my work and assist me with my company and website,” he explains. “They get experience in how to manage a website, create promotional materials, and do event planning. I think it’s great how The MET exposes students to internships and public speaking early in their school careers.” In addition to his work with The MET, Nathaniel volunteers at Regimen Boxing Academy at the Nickerson Community Center and the Technical Arts Ministry at Calvary Baptist Church.


In his free time, Nathaniel enjoys making art and going to see art. He also likes spending time with family. He is always taking classes to keep up with changes in new web and design software and plans to begin work on his MBA soon.

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