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Keith Michon ’01


Keith Michon ‘01 (Rogers High School) graduated from the University of Rhode Island in 2005 with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics and a Minor in Economics. In 2012 he earned an M.A.T. degree from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, and in 2016 he earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate study (CAGS) in School Administration from American International College. Keith is currently in his ninth year of teaching math in the Fall River public schools.

“I taught 8th-grade math for 7 years and I’ve been teaching 6th grade for the last 2 years,” he says. “The thing I like most about teaching is seeing students grow academically. Math can be challenging for many students, and I enjoy helping them persevere to learn the concepts. Now that I have been teaching for a while, I also enjoy seeing my former students and hearing about the great things they are doing in the community.”

Keith also has the opportunity to coach the boys’ basketball team and the girls’ softball team at his school. “Like teaching math, I enjoy watching the students grow as athletes,” he says. “The best thing about coaching middle school is seeing my athletes move up to the high-school level and continue playing, or use what they learned from playing sports in their other pursuits.”

As an undergrad at URI, Keith took advantage of everything that came his way. “The best thing about my college experience was having the chance to meet a lot of different people and study things that I never would have studied otherwise,” he says. “I made a lot of friends in college and learned from many great professors.”

Keith has a deep appreciation for his experience as a Crusader. “The College Crusade promotes values that encourage success,” he says. “It provided me with an opportunity to receive an education that I may not otherwise have thought was possible. I am truly thankful to the Crusade for what it has done for me and hope it can continue to do the same for others in the future.”

In his free time, Keith enjoys spending time with family and friends. “We get together to play golf, watch sports, listen to music, and enjoy good food,” he says. “I also enjoy being part of the community and like to get involved when I can. Recently I’ve been very active in my school district through involvement in my teachers’ union and the athletics department.”

His advice for Crusaders just starting college? Find a balance. “The coursework will likely be greater than it was in high school, and you may also find your social life and financial obligations growing as well,” he says. “Manage your time well and you will be able to get your schoolwork done, hang out with your friends, and work to earn money.”

There’s a second piece of advice: “Now that you are an alum of The College Crusade, get involved,” he says. “Get signed up for the Crusade Alumni social media pages and be on the lookout for opportunities to volunteer. As a member of the Crusade Alumni Board, I’m proud to say we have been doing some great things to give back and help younger Crusaders succeed.”

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