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Johanna Luna-Rodriguez ’01


Johanna Luna-Rodriquez ‘01

JohannaRodriguez.jpgJohanna Luna-Rodriguez ‘01 (Textron Chamber of Commerce Academy) graduated from New England Institute of Technology in 2003 with an Associate’s Degree in Information Technology. Johanna has always taken advantage of the learning opportunities available to her. As a high-school sophomore, she obtained her first job through an after-school job and internship program at Textron, Inc., and worked there through high-school graduation. After completing her postsecondary degree, she joined the staff of U.S. Congressman James R. Langevin in 2004. Johanna currently works in the congressman’s Constituent Services Department, where she assists constituents with issues involving federal agencies.

“I remember the day in 1991 when my mom signed me up for the Crusade,” she says. “I was within the first group of Crusaders enrolled from third grade in schools all across Rhode Island. At that age, I didn’t know what the program entailed, but in the coming years, I would take part in activities and programs that would help me succeed in school and go on to college.” She feels the support she received from The College Crusade has made a big difference in her life. “I always had a goal of becoming a responsible, productive member of my community,” she says, “and the Crusade helped me achieve that.”

Today Johanna is married and has a five-year-old daughter. She believes she has found her calling in public service and this fall will start work toward a B.S. in Public Administration and Policy.

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